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CO2 emission Optimization

It is an innovative service that optimizes your website’s performance to reduce CO2 emission.

SEMIL GREEN WEB - CO2 emission Optimization service

Website performance and CO2 emission

At first, the relationship between these 2 terms may not be clear, but think of your website as a CO2 emission machine. Why? You design and build your website but it is not in the optimized version from different aspects. That means everytime a visitor reaches out to your website, multiple elements will load and because they are not optimized, the amount of data transferred over the wire and loading time will take longer. So it will take more hosting resources and that means more power to host your website. Finally that is equal to more CO2 emission!!!

Check how your website is doing!

By using this carbon calculator, you agree to the information that you submit being stored and published in our public database.

CO emission optimization starts with the technical report

In order to do something with this amount of CO2 emission, You can have the option to request full and in-depth analysis. A digital report will be emailed to your inbox with futher technical details on how to reduce this number. You can also trust us like others to optimize your website and reduce the CO2 emission of your website and make a balance between the amount of carbon emission, your website performance and the number of trees to be planted inorder to reach the 0 Carbon emission website!

The process of CO2 emission optimization costs €100.00 per hour (excluding tax). On average, the optimization process takes around 8 hours. 

What happens after the form submission?

  • We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
  • The credentials to your backend will be requested.
  • We will do the full technical report and share it with you within the first 24 hours.
  • Then we will take the time to do the magic.
  • The outcome result and the invoice will be shared with you after the process.
  • The proper number of trees will be suggested. 
    [ 1 of them will be planted by us, on your behalf. the others are your favor.] 

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