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IN-DEPTH Technical ANALYSIS and report

Is the procedure of testing your website, make a technical report on how clean your website is and how to improve it.

website CO2 emission technical analysis

the internet – including data centres, telecoms networks and end user devices like phones and laptops – uses a lot of electricity. In fact, if you add it all together, the internet uses roughly the same amount of electricity as the Germany, one of the world’s largest economies. As we continue to consume more and more internet data in our daily lives, the amount of electricity consumed by the internet is growing rapidly. It may be out of sight and out of mind, but this huge power consumption of the internet has an enormous carbon footprint, and that’s something that we need to address.

Technical analysis is a unique service from SEMIL GREEN WEB to inform you about the CO2 emission of your website. This is a digital report as PDF that will be sent to you within 24 hours and it will cost €200.

we will analyze the technical aspect of your website. Althought your website might have so many pages, but on avergae 5 pages are being analyzed because based on the reports, a visitor checks out around 5 pages of a website in every session. This is why we analyze the most important pages of your website to show you how much CO2 emists and how to reduce that.

Then you have an option to hand it to your technical team for improvements or let us take care of the CO2 emission optimization process.

Estimate your webpage CO2 emission

By using this carbon calculator, you agree to the information that you submit being stored and published in our public database.

Topics of the report

In the technical report, we will analyze your hosting alongside your technical issues with your website which increases the CO2 emission. In general every element in our websites, needs energy to load. this loading needs resources from your hosting including electricity and this process emits CO2. the more complex website you have, the more loading you need to take care of which leads to more CO2 emission. 

Hosting analysis


A lot of energy is used by websites in the data centre and in the transmission of data to and from the data centre. Careful selection of web hosting services can therefore have a big impact on energy efficiency and web page speeds. 


In the technical section we will analyze the loading times, fonts, clean coding, execution of the JS and CSS codes and ways to reduce the loading time of the website and how to reduce the CO2 emission. The outcome will be practical solutions to help your website load faster so less CO2 emission.

Technical analysis section in the report

Are you concerned about Your website CO2 emission?

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