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We developed an AI-based method to estimate the Carbon footprint of your webpage

How it works

Calculating the carbon emissions of website is somewhat of a challenge, but we have been working for many years to develop and refine a methodology for this purpose. Our hope is that this will help raise awareness and encourage more eco-friendly approaches to be adopted throughout the web design industry.

In simple words

Our 8 years expereince as a web development company helped us to develop an AI-based methodology for calculating the carbon emissions attributed to a webpage and this free website carbon calculator is here to help raise awareness and inspire towards a carbon neutral website.

Based on multiple factors, we are training our AI-model to estimate the energy and CO2 emission of a web page. Some of the main elements are:

Estimate your webpage CO2 emission

By using this carbon calculator, you agree to the information that you submit being stored and published in our public database.

You will then be redirected to the result page which shows you the estimation of your website’s CO2 emission. The amounts will be explained more to help you understand this amount. Then you can have the option to go further with Requesting detailed analysis, Order CO2 Neutral optimization or even plant a tree to balance the CO2 emission of your webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

The estimation evaluates the webpage you entered. However, you might have several more web pages that need to be estimated via our technical analysis and report. If you are interested in the concept, you can request it here and all your main menu items will be tested and evaluated. 

Private, concept and password-protected URLs are not being tested in our methodology. Please make sure your website URLs are public.

The number you get, is the estimation of your webpage CO2 emission. Multiple factors are included to train the AI-model for the most reliable estimation. Of course it won’t be 100% exact number because everytime your webpage will load differently based on those parameters.

Do you have a question?

If you want to know more about how we are calculating the CO2 emission of your webpage, please get in touch with us.

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