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Sustainable web design is an approach to designing web
services that prioritizes the health of our home planet.

Sustainable web design innovative service

Estimate your webpage CO2 emission

By using this carbon calculator, you agree to the information that you submit being stored and published in our public database.

Fundamental principles for a sustainable web

Calculating the carbon emissions of website is somewhat of a challenge, but we have been working for many years to develop and refine a methodology for this purpose. Our hope is that this will help raise awareness and encourage more eco-friendly approaches to be adopted throughout the web design industry.

Our 8 years expereince as a web development company helped us to develop an AI-based methodology for calculating the carbon emissions attributed to a website and this free website carbon calculator is here to help raise awareness and inspire towards a carbon neutral website.


The services we provide and services we use will be powered by renewable energy.


The products and services we provide will use the least amount of energy and material resources possible.


The products and services we provide will be accessible, allow for the open exchange of information, and allow users to control their data



The products and services we provide will not mislead or exploit users in their design or content.



The products and services we provide will support an economy that nourishes people and planet.



The products and services we provide will function in the times and places where people need them most.

GREEN WEB has been developed by SEMIL | High-tech, Web, Graphic to help inspire and educate everybody to create a NEUTRAL Carbon emission web. It is hosted using renewable energy. By sharing this website we hope our message reaches to all.

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