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produces grams CO2 every time someone visits your webpage.

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Over a year, with an average of 1000 monthly page views, your webpage produces around KG CO2.

Number of trees to plant and balance the CO2 emission

tree(s) are needed to balance this amount of CO2 for your webpage. You have more pages, right?

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energy per visit in kwh:
emission per visit in grams co2:
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annual emissions per visit in kg:
number of trees:

What to do next?

Our services contain different solutions to reduce the CO2 emission of your website by improving your website’s performance and Optimize your website’s User Experience (UX). Then you will be offered to plant trees to balance the CO2 emission of your website.

You can start by requesting the technical analysis or directly ask for CO2 emission optimization. Below you can read more about what to do next.

website CO2 emission technical analysis

In-Depth analysis

You can request the analysis report if you are technical or have a technical team on board. The analysis and report will be ready within 24 hours and will be delivered through email. This is a detailed report on what causes this amount of CO2 emission and practical solutions to reduce this amount.

Optimize your website

You can also trust us like others to optimize your website and reduce the CO2 emission of your website and make a balance between the amount of carbon emission, your website performance and the number of trees to be planted inorder to reach the 0 Carbon emission website!

SEMIL GREEN WEB - CO2 emission Optimization service

Are you concerned about the environment?

If your answer to this question is positive, you may have the option to help our partners and donate to plant trees to reduce your website's CO2 emission and help our environment.

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